Exceptional results follow exceptional coaching. Find a coach with the skills and experience to take your game to the next level. 

The proof is in the results. Luke's recognition as an accomplished coach is the result of his players achievements. Over the past 5 years, Luke's players have won hundreds of professional, collegiate, and junior golf tournaments. 

Whether you want to earn a college scholarship, win your club championship, or simply break 100 for the first time, the journey is rarely smooth. Find a coach with a proven track record of helping players build consistent powerful swings, rock solid mental games, and unrivaled short games. 

How is research based instruction different?

Learn about our team, our methods, and results from 10 years of excellence in golf instruction. See how the next generation of instruction is different.

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Technology has the potential to speed up the learning process. Trackman is a radar technology used by hundreds of tour professionals. See how it can help your game.

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