Get a coach, get a plan, and get results. We start with an assessment of your current game, your goals, and your time available. From this initial assessment you'll get a customized BLUEPRINT of things you need to do to get to the next level. What separates this program from others is the full spectrum of expertise offered. Areas of emphasis include the following as necessary...

Swing mechanics - Relates to developing a golf swing that is repeatable and powerful. It’s also imperative that the student have a reasonably strong understanding of how to fix things when they go wrong. Within a few sessions most golfers are able to problem solve their own swing and make corrections on their own. This model of COACHING is distinct from traditional golf lessons because it puts the student in a position to problem solve and make improvements on his/her own. The goal is to use the unique/natural swing a student has and refine it. Much of this work is done with TrackMan inside or outdoors on the range.

Long game Scoring/Playing golf - Scoring relates to factors that relate to circumstances on the course that aren't "typical". For instance, even the best golfers in the world miss the fairway at least 1/4 of the time. Thus, how adept the golfer is at dealing with the individual circumstances of each shot (what researchers call "contextual interference") will influence the final score significantly. These factors include: course strategy, diagnosing a lie, accounting for wind, amount of roll, shotmaking (curving the ball in the air to go around a tree or play to a safe area), choosing the right club/strategy based on the strengths of your game as well as what the course offers you.This is where playing lessons come in!

Short game Scoring/Playing golf - Begins with learning how to execute a basic chip, pitch, and sand shot. Next, being able to deal with many different circumstances that confront a player during the round. These include unusual lies, difficult pin positions, different turf conditions, etc. In essence, finding a way to turn 3 shots into 2 shots whenever you're within 100 yards of the green. Short game assessments and wedge game assessments (on TrackMan) help with tracking and motivation.

Mental Skills/Golf Identity (mental game) - Defining your golf identity goes far beyond the regular "mental game". It includes how you practice, how you approach success/failure, and what you do each and every day to prepare for excellence in golf. Learning to view yourself as resilient, hard working, creative, and grateful golfer goes along way in dealing effectively with the inherent struggles all golfer experience. These mental skills be developed in the right coaching environment. The Golf Journal helps with tracking mental patterns and improving mental focus and preparedness.

Goals/Practice Plan/Motivation - This is probably the single most important area of coaching. Few golf instructors are trained in the motivational aspects of coaching. Having a coach that can guide you with the right path can be the difference between excellence and mediocrity. Parents, coach, and junior golfers will work together to create a blueprint for success.

TPI Functional Golf Fitness - Are you fit for golf? The right program can help you gain mobility, stability, and power to hit the ball better. All golfers are encouraged to maintain a golf fitness program during the winter months. 

Club Fitting - Finding the right clubs for you by being properly fit.



•   50 Individual 55 minute lessons (can be on a variety of topics, including full swing, short game, fitness, etc.). Generally 1 per week at a regular time.

•   4 playing lessons (9 hole rounds of golf, may be with other students of similar ability).

•   Coach Now account with weekly updates.

•   Golf journal.



•   50 Individual 28 minute lessons (generally at a regular time each week).


      25 Individual 55 minute lessons (generally at a regular time every other week).

•   1 playing lessons (9 hole rounds of golf, may be with other students of similar ability).

•   Coach Now account with weekly updates.

•   Golf journal.