Elite Program

The Elite Golf program at ICC is designed for junior golfers who want to take their game to the next level. Our primary goal is to transition our golfers up the skill ladder to reach higher levels of achievement while also learning the rules, customs, and camaraderie that golf at ICC embodies. Throughout the process juniors will learn valuable mental skills such as goal setting, self-regulation, problem solving, and patience. We’ll provide all the necessary resources as part of this program. This includes golf fitness, mental game coaching, tournament scheduling, college recruiting process, etc.

Winter Practice Breakdown

The most important part of the plan is setting and achieving practice goals so that skills can be developed quickly. All members of the elite program are REQUIRED to keep a practice journal and report number of hours of practice per week. By tracking practice are able to set and track realistic improvement goals.

During the winter training season about 70% of practice should be on the full swing, with some of that time dedicated to technique and some of that time dedicated to performance. Performance practice means trying to hit good shots and “score” well. Technique time means working on positions and swing changes without worrying about where the ball goes. It’s very important to learn to operate with both mindsets during practice. As junior golfers mature more time can be devoted to technique practice and less to performance.

Why build a swing in the winter and focus less on short game and putting? Short game and putting are particularly contextual compared to full swing. The grass, lies, wind, and other outdoor factors aren’t easy to replicate indoors. Swing mechanics on the other hand, are ideal to develop first in a static, easy environment like a golf simulator.

Practice Goals

To be a part of the elite program we ask that juniors decide if they want golf to be a primary or secondary sport and set realistic practice plans that align with performance goals. The lower end of each range if for juniors that are involved in other sports or activities and consider golf a secondary sport. The higher end of each range is for juniors that consider golf their primary sport and want to excel in high school or college. Parents should discuss practice time with their kids and ensure that opportunities to practice are available.

Ages Out of season (Sept-Feb) In season (March-August)

5-9 1-5 hrs/week 3-12 hours/week

10-13 1-8 hrs/week 3-20 hours/week

14-18 1-15 hrs/week 3-30 hours/week